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Give your pet a holiday

There are lots of places around Druimorrin suitable for taking a dog for a walk. 

The handiest is just across the Orrin Bridge where there is a track, away from the road, which takes you down the other side of the river, past where the Orrin and the Conon meet.

It is a charming spot of a Summer's evening and you can enjoy the peace while watching the salmon rise, or even leap. Be warned, though, it is courteous to prevent your pet from going charging into the waters of the Conon as the anglers here have paid a great deal for their fishing, and are generally very tolerant of walkers on the bank!

There are also lovely walks in the Forestry Commission woods between Druimorrin and Muir of Ord at Clash Woods https://forestryandland.gov.scot/visit/clash-wood, west of Druimorrin along at Rogie Falls  https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/lochness/Rogiefalls.shtml and at Achilty Woods beside Contin https://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/lochness/Continforest.shtml.  The Brahan Estate has a policy of allowing dog walking and access generally, even to the extent of keeping paths in good repair and providing good signposting.

If, during your stay, you feel your dog has need of a bit of a 'tidy up', Easter Urray just round the road offers a dog grooming service at their kennels.  In the past, guests of ours have boarded their dog at Easter Urray while they have taken a couple of days away during their break.

We want pet owners - and their pets!- to feel comfortable here and try to keep rules to a minimum, basically asking owners to show consideration and common sense. Under most circumstances, we are delighted to welcome pets, but please do let us know at the time of booking if you plan to bring any with you

Out of consideration to other holidaymakers staying here we do ask all pet owners to keep their animals under control at all times.

We stress that dogs must be prevented from entering the fields round about Druimorrin. The local farmer often moves livestock in and out of these fields during the Summer and dogs must not be permitted any contact with livestock.

A lot of Druimorrin is kept mown and we ask that any pet owner whose pet leaves dirt on the cut grass should clear it up.

Finally, we do ask pet owners to bring their pet's own bedding and feeding dishes. Most pet owners find this helps their pet to feel more comfortable anyway.

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