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Local Country Estates

There are two Highland county estates offering outdoor pursuits close to Druimorrin. The nearer is Fairburn Estate, about three miles away, which includes the Fairburn Activity Centre. The Centre offers abseiling, canoeing, mountain biking, archery, hill-walking and other outdoor pursuits, which should be booked directly with the Centre.

Brahan Estate is probably best known because of its connection to the so-called 'Brahan Seer', a legendary Highland soothsayer who reputedly met his end after informing Lady Mackenzie that her husband was making amorous advances to the Spanish Queen. It is said that she was so furious that she had him condemned as a witch, strangled until not quite dead then taken to Chanory Point where he was burned in a barrel of tar. Before he died, though , he foresaw the end of the male succession of Mackenzies, and this certainly came true.

The Estate sometimes organises guided walks including the site of the old Big House and the arboretum, which is still maintained by a full time forester. A number of other activities are available, such as clay pigeon shooting, and the estate has an open policy allowing local residents and villagers to make use of the estate for the likes of dog walking. 

If you are looking to shoot the shy, native haggis, though, be warned that they are rare in this area and the shooting season is very short.  Buying them ready to cook from the local butcher is a lot easier.

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